Abs After 40

Every man dreams of having amazing 6 pack abs, no matter what his age. Yet this dream, for many men, becomes more and more distant with the passage of time.

For some reason after the age of 40 men start to rapidly pack on extra pounds of fat, which normally manifests right around the midsection. This extra weight is especially hard to get rid of for men approaching, or well into, middle age.

The difficulties faced when trying to get into impeccable shape certainly leads to many becoming accustomed to this unsightly midsection or believing that that’s just the way it is and there is no hope to get abs after 40. But now, a long awaited answer is given with a fitness and nutritional program designed specifically for building lean muscle after the age of forty.

What better name could be given to this program than Abs After 40?

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Who is the Mastermind Behind Abs After 40

abs after 40 workoutAbs After 40 was created by Mark Mcilyar. At 48 year old, Mark set out to make a change in his health habits after seeing a rather displeasing picture of himself fixing a car.

Being over the age of forty, he was having trouble ridding himself of extra weight that had accumulated around his midsection.

Following popular high-intensity workout programming seemed to be doing more harm than good. Mark set out for a year to find the optimal exercise combination and nutrition for himself.

Mark Mcilyar is now, at 53 years old, a fitness model and has the number 1 subscribed fitness channel on YouTube. He is the senior trainer at Abs After 40.

Who is Mark’s Abs After 40 Program For?

The program’s name gives a hint to exactly who the program was designed for and who will benefit most from it. This is what makes Abs After 40 a unique program.

The male body begins to change after the age of 40, and such changes can inhibit fat loss and muscle gain. We all know with an increase in age, we begin to feel more aches and pains.

Slowly but surely we are unable to complete simple tasks, let alone exercises, that we once could in our 20’s. Energy levels seem to be in a steady decline and we have less and less time to devote to our health. Not to mention we become more accident prone. The majority of us know what is healthy and what’s not, but sticking to boring tasteless diets never quite work out as planned.

This revolutionary program addresses all these issues that older men face. The program also addresses the most looked over cause of midsection weight gain and muscle loss, declining levels of energy. As energy decreases, body fat increases.

See Mark’s Free Video Presentation Here.

What Makes Abs After 40 Unique?

Traditional aerobic and cardio machines do nothing to boost energy and nothing to aid in muscle gain or fat loss. The most effective exercise for boosting energy levels is compound movements with free weights. However, the problem with free weight compound movements is that they can be very dangerous, especially for someone who’s a bit up there in terms of age. Improper form and technique can worsen already fragile joints and possibly lead to injury.

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In The Abs After 40 program, Mark outlines modified, and age appropriate, compound movements that will still deliver major results. In addition to the energy boosting compound exercises, a nutritional guide is also provided. The guide not only includes what to eat such as avocados, eggs, and salmon but also how to create great tasting meals out of energy boosting foods. This nutrition plan directly supports the male endocrine system with meal timing and precise macronutrients. The combination of proper exercise and nutrition helps older men finally overcome the struggles they may have faced in the past.

The 3 Phases of the Abs After 40 Workout

get abs after 40The Abs After 40 program is broken down into three phases to be sure that your body can gradually build male muscle levels before moving on to more advanced compound movements.

Phase 1: Fat Loss Jumpstart
The first phase focuses on breaking the cycle between your lack of energy and belly fat. Belly fat decreases energy and if it is not removed, it may cancel out all the benefits of a good workout.

Once the belly fat is eliminated, Abs After 40 techniques become much more effective at balancing the endocrine system for better results. Boosted joint recovery, increased energy in life, and faster lean muscle growth can happen once the male body is fully optimized. 

Phase 2: Male Energy Optimization
Once belly fat is removed in phase 1, phase 2 focuses on supporting the male endocrine system with compound movements that target lots of muscles and balance energy. At the end of this phase, the male body will be fully supported.

Phase 3: Full-Auto Fat Burning Mode
The focus in this phase of Abs After 40 is on obtaining lean muscles and sculpting abs. In this phase, a new style of exercise, the A40’s, is introduced. A40’s takes the place of 9 different exercises, saving time and energy. These new, more intense, compound movements allow your body to keep improving and avoid stagnation. When this phase is over, you will be able to maintain your results with minimal effort.

Where to Get Abs After 40?

One of the absolute best things about the Abs After 40 program is that you don’t need to leave your home, you don’t even need any fancy or bulky equipment. All you need is a set of dumbbells.

At $197, the price is far less than what you would pay for a gym membership and right now the price is actually half off (for limited time you can get the program for just $97).

The Abs After 40 program includes access to online videos, a 15 DVD set with step by step workout instructions, and the nutrition plan.

As a bonus, and the injury recovery and avoidance eBook. The book, How to Deal With Injuries and Gym Problems, gives stretching tips, vitamin recommendations, and how to alleviate tight muscles with foam rollers, or other things at home.

There is also a no hassle money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the Abs After 40 program (minus shipping and handling).